Use Notion to power your Intercom Help Center

Keep your documents together, collaborate with your team and leverage the Notion editor for your Intercom Help Center.

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Notion and Intercom apps

Use Notion's rich text editor to power your Help Center

Notate app

Automatic sync between Notion and Intercom

Notate automatically keeps your Intercom Help Center in sync with your Notion pages. Write in Notion, support in Intercom.

Rich text editing

Full rich text support. Express yourself to your customers in the way that you see fit, without restrictions, including videos and images.

Export your existing Help Center

Already have an Intercom Help Center? No problem. Notate will export your Help Center to Notion so you can begin working in Notion right away.

Full control

Notate will never set anything live or take anything down. You are in full control of your Help Center.

Managing and updating your help center

Out of sight, out of mind

Your help documentation is important. Your customers need your documentation to be up to date. Keep your help documentation top of mind.

With Notate, it's easy to continuously iterate on your help documentation, without needing to leave your Notion workspace. Iterate quickly, and document even faster.

Keep your help documents front of mind

Sync multiple Intercom workspaces

Connect multiple Intercom workspaces to Notion, manage all of your Help Centers from your Notion Workspace.

Multiple workspaces

Connect as many Intercom workspaces as you want, Notate will sync selected pages to each.

Careful synchronisation

Notate will never overwrite an existing article that has not already been connected.
Notate app

Affordable pricing and plans that scale with you.

Choose a plan that best suits your needs, change plan any time.



14 day free trial (no credit card required)

For teams who do not require regular imports or timely updates to their documentation, best for small or growing teams.

  • Connect unlimited Intercom workspaces
  • Connect unlimited Notion workspaces
  • 10 manual imports per page per day
  • Automatic sync of all pages every 12 hours


Most popular


14 day free trial (no credit card required)

Don't allow keeping documentation in sync slow down your business. For teams who are updating documentation regularly.

  • Connect unlimited Intercom workspaces
  • Connect unlimited Notion workspaces
  • Unlimited manual imports
  • Automatic sync of all pages every hour



14 day free trial (no credit card required)

Notate at its fullest capabilities. For teams who need their documentation to go live as quickly as possible.

  • Connect unlimited Intercom workspaces
  • Connect unlimited Notion workspaces
  • Unlimited manual imports
  • Automatic sync of all pages every 10 minutes

Frequently asked questions

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Does Notate come with a free trial?
Yes! Every account comes with a two week free trial, no credit card required.
I already have an existing Intercom Help Center, can I use Notate?
Absolutely, Notate has an export tool that allows you to export your existing Intercom Help Center to Notion, so you can start working in Notion straight away.
Does Notate help remind me to update my documentation?
Notate currently doesn't have an automated solution to remind you to update your documentation, but stay tuned, this is something we're exploring. For now, by keeping your help documentation front of mind in your Notion workspace, we've found that helps to keep your help documentation easy to remember to update, and easy to update.
Does Notate support other help centers, such as Zendesk?
Not yet! However we have plans to expand to multiple help centers. If there is a help center that you'd like us to support, reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you!

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